Throwing an Italian dinner party

dinnerparty Enjoy the gustatory delights of traditional Italian food by hosting an Italian dinner in your home. Italian cuisine is popular with most gourmets. Having an Italian feast is a great way to enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

Create the perfect ambiance for your Italian dinner party by including the right elements and ingredients.

Italian invite

Let your guests know the theme of the dinner with an Italian style invite. You can use the Italian flag’s colors on the card. Or you can write a few simple words or sentences in Italian greeting – “ciao” meaning “hi” or “benvenuto” meaning “welcome”.

A postcard of an Italian city like Rome or Venice can be used as an invitation with the details written on the back of the card.

Italian decor

Set the atmosphere with flowers like white lilies, supposedly prevalent in Italy. Drape posters of famous Italian monuments, cities and landscapes on the walls. Chianti is a red Italian wine from Tuscany. Empty Chianti bottles can be used to hold candles.

Let soft Italian music fill the background as you enjoy a fine Italian feast with your guests. You can play the classical music of Gian Carlo Menotti or the operas of Giuseppe Verdi.

Italian feast

If you want to host a traditional Italian dinner, you need to have all the five courses. Every Italian meal traditionally begins with the ‘antipasto’. The antipasto, literally translated, means ‘before the meal’.

The first course or primo is like an appetizer and not the main meal. Pasta is usually served but soup, salad and polenta are other choices. Then, the main course called ‘il secondo’ or the second course is served. The usual preparations are meat, chicken, fish, or pork.

The main course is accompanied by the ‘contorno. This is a side dish that generally features vegetables or salad. Finally, the sweet treat or dolce is served after the meal. A favorite Italian dessert is the tiramisu.

Enjoy your dinner or as the Italians would say – Buon appetite!