Throw a fall feast

How to Host a Fall Feast Autumn or fall is a season of transition – when summer days are past and winter is anticipated, one enjoys fall time. Also known as harvest, this season marks the ripening of various fruits and vegetables. While some may associate this season with the dreariness of winter, fall colors banish all thoughts of the approaching chilly season out of one’s mind.

To celebrate a birthday, anniversary or merely a weekend, throw a fall party for all your friends or family. Those who know how to have fun don’t need a solid reason to eat, drink and make merry. Pile up the food and drinks, decorate your house or garden and get ready to enjoy a wonderful fall feast.

If you don’t feel like planning an entire event all by yourself, plan a potluck or progressive lunch or brunch. In this manner, all the guests will contribute to the feast. In an outdoor party, you can enjoy the pleasant weather, although do make arrangements for warmth in case it gets chilly. The décor will be minimal in an outdoor feast as nature will take care of most of it.

Set the tone for the festivities with the invites for your guests. Select bright orange or yellow for the colors, and paint pictures of leaves and fruits on the card to reflect the season’s bountiful gifts.

A scrumptious feast
Even a home-cooked fare can be delicious if you know what dishes to make. Potatoes, salads, meats of different types, corn, soup, bread, honey, beetroots etc are all ingredients of a delectable feast. Combine these with freshly baked apple or pumpkin pies and cider or wine, and your delicious fall feast is ready.

Comfort, warmth and joy
Create an alternate fall setting for your guests. Place some sturdy wooden crates or boxes as seats around the party space; cover them with blankets or quilts so people can stay warm.

Make the most of fall with a fun filled fall party!