Throw a café party

caf̩ party Are you crazy about coffee? Then a caf̩ party is your kind of jamboree. Just imagine the pleasure of being in a cool place with a relaxed atmosphere and amazing food with coffee of course. For your next big event or perhaps a get-together with friends or family, organize a caf̩ party in a customized caf̩ Рyour house, that is to say.

A café requires the right kind of atmosphere. Besides serving food and drinks, a café may often be a meeting place for people, for conversations and relaxation. Create a unique café in your own style for a birthday party, Sunday brunch or wedding rehearsal.

The décor will vary according to the location of your ‘café.’ If it’s outdoors, the ambience is created by natural surroundings. Just ensure that you have provided the necessary final changes. Clean your backyard, garden or patio well, trim the potted plants and make sure the flowers are in bloom.

To complement nature’s handiwork, add white lights, candles and crisp linen for the tables. In an indoor party, you’ll need to create sufficient space for the tables and chairs of the café. Cover the walls with posters, dim the lights and let the glow of candles and lanterns illuminate the room.

Invitations and favors
The invitation cards should reflect the theme of your party. Print a menu-style invitation (without the actual menu). Give your café a name and write the story of its ‘inception’ as the content for your invite. The story will vary according to the theme of your party – birthday, get-together, anniversary etc.

A personalized coffee mug makes a great favor. Inscribe it with inspiring words or a beautiful picture. Guests would also love a basket of goodies such as cake, coffee, chocolate, croissants, jam jar, or bread rolls.

Don’t forget to liven up the gathering with music. Soft jazz, classical music, instrumentals etc suit the relaxed café atmosphere. You can also have live music – the musicians being talented friends or family – or karaoke.

Become a café owner for a day and treat your friends in style!