Through the roof: planning a rooftop party

rooftop-party Space is one of the major problems in cities. Most people craving open air and space flock to beaches or holiday destinations. However, not all people yearning for a break can afford to take a holiday.

This doesn’t mean they’re stuck indoors or in cinema halls and restaurants. If you come in this space-starved category, take a cool break without spending a fortune. Just look up…that is, up to your building rooftop. Throw a rooftop party — an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy.

Play by the rules

A party is no fun if someone’s life is at risk. Neither would it be thrilling if you risked eviction for partying without permission. So do your homework thoroughly before planning the party.

Inquire with the landlord about rules regarding using the roof for social events. Also check if the rooftop is safe and sound.

Clean and Clear

The building rooftop is not a conventional party venue. Chances are it won’t be in the best condition. Survey the rooftop and make required changes. Clean it well to get rid of dirt.

You can have a canopy built to protect the food from birds. It will also help protect your party from wind or rain. However, in case of extreme weather changes, you may need to move the gathering back indoors. Hence, try and host your party on a clear and sunny day.

Roof décor

Put up banners, flags and streamers around the edges of the rooftop to give a festive look to your party. You can also place lanterns around the roof to brighten up the place when it gets dark. If it’s a full moon, you can revel in the glory of beautiful, natural light.

Food and drinks

Set up a buffet at the venue so that guests can help themselves to food and drinks when they take a break from dancing and admiring the view from the roof. Be cautious about serving too many drinks; it could cause a tragedy if someone gets too unstable.

Creative thinking, alertness and enthusiasm will result in a rocking rooftop party.