Things to be Considered Before Choosing a Puppy

choosing-a-puppy Before Choosing a Puppy

If you are planning to bring a puppy to your home then you have to consider certain things. Choosing a puppy is not like buying a vegetable from the market. A puppy may live for about 15 years and once you bring the puppy to your home then you are bringing a companion for your home.

Ask your Family Members Concern

First of all you have to discuss with your family members and enquire about their willingness to have a home mate in their home. Ask them whether they are ready to take the responsibility of caring a puppy that may be very naughty. Can they allow a puppy roaming inside your home? If any of your family members are allergic to pets then you have to drop your idea otherwise it may cause a lot of problems.

Space for the Puppy

Consider the space you have at your home and make sure that whether you want to keep the puppy inside your home or outside. If it’s a small breed such as Pomeranian, then they can be reared inside your home. If you are looking for a big breed like Doberman, Labrador then they requires enough space in the backyard for playing, exercising etc. You must also make a kennel for them.

Time and Money for the Puppy

Check whether you have enough time to spend with puppy. You have to train them and have to play with them. You must have time to feed them and to brush and wash them regularly. It is necessary that you have to take them to hospital for vaccination and also for treating diseases. For buying the accessories, feed, vaccines etc you have to spend a lot of money. So make sure that you can meet the requirements of the puppy easily.

Other pets

If you have other pets like cat, duck etc in your home then ensure that the new puppy will go along with them.

Right Breed and Sex

Before buying a puppy ensure that whether you need a female or male. Male will be very aggressive and at time you have to castrate them. Decide whether you are buying the dog for breeding purpose or for participating in dog shows. If it is dog shows or for breeding then you have to buy a pure breed rather than a cross. If you need only a companion then choose a mixed breed which will be less likely to get hereditary diseases and will accustomed to the climatic conditions easily. Also decide as to whether you want a puppy or a matured dog. With a puppy you have to go through all the training process, vaccination etc while the dog would have undergone all these process and you can better understand the nature of the dog. However a puppy would better adapt to your environment.


  • you’re so right, people should think before choosing a puppy!