Thick Hair – Tips for Thicker Hair

We are born with specific number of hair follicles on our scalps. Usually the quality of our hair is determined by our genes. Therefore, if your parents have thick hair, you have a greater chance of having thick hair naturally. However, you need not be disappointed if your genetic predisposition does not guarantee you thick hair. With some simple hair styling tips, anybody could flaunt voluminous hair.

Volume enhancing shampoo

For thicker hair, you can wash your hair with a good volumizing shampoo. These volumizing shampoos could not increase the number of hair follicles on your scalp, but they create an illusion of thick hair by temporarily swelling the hair shaft. When you wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo, a non-oily substance known as humectant forms a coating over the surface of the hair shafts.

They absorb moisture from the surrounding, making your hair appear thicker. Some of these volumizing products might contain polymers that form coatings over each strand of hair, making them appear thicker. However, excess use of volumizing shampoo might damage your hair shafts. If your hair shafts are forced to swell frequently, your hair might lose its natural color. Instead of using an expensive hair volumizing shampoo, you can try a cheaper alternative such as castile soap or dish soap.

However, you can only use these cheaper alternatives occasionally, only once or twice a year. After washing your hair, you can apply a root lifter to enhance the volume of your hair.

Other hair volumizing products

Besides volume enhancing shampoos, you can even use volumizer conditioners, mousses, hair masks, hair sprays and hair creams.


To make your hair look thicker, you can modify your hairstyle. Blunt bob cut could make thin hair look thicker. For thicker hair, you can even try layered cuts. Hair cuts with slight angles around the face or graduated layers can help to add extra volume to your hair. You can put a nice heavy gel on your hair and blow-dry the hair to give it a thick look. You can also make your hair thicker by rolling your hair, and following it with a good brushing.