The teenage girl’s bedroom decor

Bedroom décor is a special art – ‘pink is for girls, blue is for boys’ may be true in the case of babies. When it comes to teenage girls, one needs to remember that they have a unique personality. Each of them has individual likes and dislikes. If you’re decorating a teen girl’s bedroom or if you yourself are a teen girl looking for décor ideas, there are certain points you need to remember.

The first thing is to decide a budget. Decorating need not be expensive, but you need to consider the cost of paint, accessories, furniture and linen. One way to save money is to start shopping in advance. Go through garage sales and discount stores to buy the items you need at a cheaper rate.

Aim to create a unified look in the room rather than a mish-mash of varied objects and patterns. It would help to settle on a theme. Here is where the personality of the teenage girl is important. Some girls like flowers and bright colors; others may prefer plain and solid colors. Knowing color choices before selecting any hues for the room is important.

Themes can also be based on one’s interests. Some girls are movie buffs; others are Taylor Swift fans or sports lovers. One can incorporate these interests into the décor through posters, bedspreads, curtains and accessories.

Plan the layout of the room. Decide where each piece of furniture should be placed. If you’re adding new furniture, then plan on what pieces are needed. A table with a lamp and a chair is necessary. So is a bed, however, be careful with size. A small room cannot accommodate a large king-size bed, as it leaves little room for other furniture.

Give life to the room with accessories. Wall art, decorative lampshades, vases with lovely artificial flowers, jewelry boxes, pretty notepads and photo frames to display happy memories are some examples. However, using too many accessories can make the room look cluttered.

Once the bedroom is ready, you can sit back and relax to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere created by you.


  • I have found that one of the best ways to know a teenagers preferences is to go through her closet. Her clothes, shoes and other accessories will give a great idea about her personality. That takes care of the inspiration for the rest of the decor.