The sound of Salzburg

salzburg If you’ve seen ‘The Sound of Music’ (and you should, if you haven’t yet!), one thing that strikes your attention besides the music and the romance, is the beauty of Salzburg, Austria. The mountains, the gardens and wonderful architecture take your breath away. This place is worth a visit for all the amazing sights it offers.

Castles, churches and shopping markets – Salzburg has it all. Situated by the Salzach River, the city is home to one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe, Hohensalzburg Castle. It is the birthplace of Mozart and worth a pilgrimage for classical music lovers.

Mozart’s town
Listen to the many concerts in the city held almost everywhere and lose your self in the music. Take a tour of the famous composer’s two houses – where he was born and where he lived.

The music, the movie and the place
Another musical connection of Salzburg is its association with the Von Trapp family who lived there and whose story was portrayed, with some embellishments, in the Hollywood movie. A guided tour can take you through the sights and sounds of the film, the mansion, the gazebo and the rest.

Creamy, coffee delights
Don’t forget to drop in on one of Salzburg’s traditional cafes to sip some delicious varieties of coffee. From black to white coffee and espressos, give your taste buds a pleasant treat. Café Tomaselli is the oldest and longest serving café in Austria. Make sure you visit this famous institution that was often frequented by Mozart.

Shopping and Christmas
Old Town is where Getreidegasse is located. It is full of shops and cafes, a paradise for lovers of walking and shopping. Visit Salzburg in Christmas for a taste of the magic of this merry festival. You’ll wish you had a hundred eyes to see everything the city has to offer.

Concerts, Nativity displays and the white snow make for a picture perfect postcard. Steingasse Lane contains the former home (now a museum) of Joseph Mohr, the creator of the much-loved Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’.

Transport yourself into another world in Salzburg, Austria!