The Smallest HDMI Player Launched By Hi-Den Vision

hdmi-player Traditional DVD players cannot produce the best quality picture on a HDTV. Hence, we have to depend on either HDMI players or HD DVD to get the perfect picture. Although, HD DVD player produces better quality images than a HDMI player, but its high cost makes it less affordable compared to a HDMI player. Another disadvantage of HD DVD player is the high cost involved in rearranging your DVD library with the expensive HD DVD movies.

Unlike standard DVD players, which can send only 480 lines of information to a HDTV, High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is capable of sending up to 1080 lines of information. To make HDMI players popular among travelers, Hi-Den Vision, a Hong Kong based company has launched HD-0311 the smallest HDMI player in the world.

Advantages of HD-0311
This is a true high definition photo player, which is best suited for travelers with a penchant for photography. Currently you can review images only on the small LCD screen of your digital camera. However, HD-0311 makes it possible to review photos and video clips on the large screen of a HDTV. The remote, which comes with the HDMI player, will allow you to customize the pictures. You can zoom and rotate the images. You can also select among photos, videos and music.

You can also use Hi-Den Vision HD-0311 to listen to music. This tiny HDMI player, measuring 10.1cm long, 4.8cm wide and 1.6cm high, and weighing only 50 grams, can produce up to 1080p resolution images on HDTV.

This tiny HDMI player is also easy to use. To watch video, pictures and to play MP3 music on HDTV, simply insert the USB flash memory, USB card reader or USB portable hard disk. You also have the option of listening to a music stored in a USB device while watching pictures.

Therefore, on your next vacation you can include the tiny Hi-Den Vision HDMI player along with your digital camera, for complete entertainment.