The secrets for a happy relationship

hands It’s not easy to be in a relationship. If every couple who was made for each other had a happy relationship, there would be no break-ups. Sometimes the love is strong but the couple is still unable to sustain the relationship.

While love and attraction are necessary, they are not the only factors involved in a relationship. Both partners need to work hard at a relationship in order to be happy. Remember the love and let it be your talisman.

Why so serious?

The stress of day to day life is one of the most common ailments today. Don’t let it affect your relationship. Cheer each other up with good-humored teasing and fun.

Seize the day

Don’t lose precious opportunities of showing that you care. If you feel like taking a weekend holiday, take it. If you feel your beloved must have a new perfume even though it’s not her birthday, buy it for her. Why wait to bring a smile on her face!

Together and apart

Spend as much time with each other as possible. If you have busy careers, compare schedules to see where you can fit in some ‘couple’ time. Have breakfast early together, or meet for lunch somewhere.

However, don’t be overwhelming. Everybody needs their space. If you keep pushing for attention and togetherness, your partner may tire of you. Give each other time away from one another.

Talk, take care and notice

Whatever the problems between you and your partner, you should be able to talk about it always. Only then will an understanding develop of each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Show affection and care. Little things that seem unimportant will mean a great deal to the other. Cooking his favorite dishes or tending her headache gently will go a long way to build a happy relationship.

Notice his or her good qualities and talents and give praise whenever possible. Appreciate her cooking skills or compliment his driving skills.

Take efforts to maintain a happy relationship; few are gifted with love so don’t take it for granted.