The Role of Make Up Removers

make-up-removers Why do we use make up removers? Make up can have some bad after affects. Thus, to prevent such effects we use make up removers, which help it keeping skin squeaky clean. If you are in the habit of wearing make up almost daily and you are careless about removing make up then it can block your pores and lead to black heads and acne. Make up removers play a very vital role in preventing skin damage. Therefore, you should religiously get rid of make up before retiring to bed. Make this a regular habit.

You must have many items in your make up kit. Make sure you add a good make up remover to that kit. In order to remove lipsticks and foundation, you can easily use a good water-based make up remover. You will find plenty of skin cleansers in the market.

Right Method of Using a Remover

The right way of getting rid of make up is to gently dab your neck and face with a cotton ball soaked in the cleanser. Alternately you can also dot the make up remover over your neck and face then wipe away with a damp cotton ball. This method will ensure that your pores do not get clogged.

Tips for Removing Eye Make Up

You need to remember that you need a separate eye make up remover because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Thus, you should be very gentle with your eyes. At the same time you will notice that mascara, eyeliners, and kohl are quite stubborn and cannot be removed easily. You need to choose an oil-based cleaner that is gentle on the eyes and good for removing the obstinate eye make up. To remove eye make up you can use baby oil or gentle baby lotion. They will not be harsh on your eyes. However, you should never use petroleum jelly for this purpose.