The ring bearer guide

ring-bearer Having children in the wedding is a tough decision for the bride and groom. Not because they’re against kids but due to their unpredictability. You never know when a child might start throwing tantrums or get into the mood for a food fight at the reception.

Even more difficult is including children in the wedding party. The flower girls and ring bearers of weddings are almost always children. Most brides and grooms may not be the best at child psychology. Read the general guide given below for ring bearers.

Who should be the ring bearer?
Ideally, a child from your family is the best choice. It could a nephew or a family friend. This decision will require you to be sensitive to the feelings of the parents involved, especially if there are many young men in the family. Ensure that you have an excuse ready for why their son was passed over.

The ring bearer can be as young as 3 years or as old as 10 years. The younger the child, the more precaution you’ll have to take. It would be best to select someone older who understands the importance of his role.

Keep your rings safe
Your rings are not necessarily safe in the hands of a young ring bearer. Children generally like to play and fidget with things, especially the younger ones.

It would be best to keep the rings with the best man until the very last minute, when it can be given to the ring bearer. You never know when a hungry child might pop the ring into his mouth.

Give him the best
Children involved in a wedding may get restless or uncomfortable during the ceremony. Avoid dressing the ring bearer in a stiff outfit that he has to be forced into.

A smart suit similar to the groom’s or the best man’s is appropriate. Make sure you get a gift for the ring bearer so that he feels loved and appreciated. Video games, backpacks, or sports equipment are good choices.

Take good care of the ring bearer – the little star of your wedding!