The perfect proposal guide

proposal-guide Prospective grooms can come up with varied ways to pop the question: “Will you marry me?” From a candlelight dinner to skywriting, this tradition changes with each proposal and couple.

While romance is important, all lovers should give some thought to certain factors involving a proposal. This is a special moment and one that should occur, ideally, only once in a lifetime.

Surprise, not shock

A proposal should be a pleasant surprise and not a rude shock to your girlfriend. Ensure that she’s at the same place you are in your relationship. Have ‘the talk’ before committing to the seriousness of proposing marriage. It’s not all about romance: getting married is an important decision for both man and woman.


Not a therapist, but you need to talk to the girl’s parents and obtain their blessing. This wouldn’t be a good idea if your girlfriend is not on good terms with her family. Consulting with her family and friends is also important when selecting a ring for her (unless you think she would prefer to choose her own engagement ring).

Make it personal
Public proposals or conventional settings like a romantic candlelight dinner
at a fancy restaurant are not always good ideas. She would be impressed and thrilled if you involved something related to her hobbies or your relationship in the proposal. How about a favorite song, movie or a common love for hiking and trekking?

It’s not over

The hard part is not over after you’ve got the words out; the answer is what counts. Let’s hope it’s a definite ‘yes’, but life isn’t like the movies, unfortunately. She may need time to consider the proposal. Don’t be offended by this – it need not indicate a negative answer.

Live in the moment

The proposal moment is only for you and your beloved. Don’t be concerned about what your friends will think of you dropping down on one knee or shedding a few tears. Even men can be moved by the strong emotions of the moment.

Let your proposal be the most memorable moment of your life.