The perfect fit-fitting in at work

perfect-fit-fitting-in-at-work Are you always the one to be checked off in life’s large game of ‘odd man out’? Several people who are part of groups or organizations feel apart from the crowd in spite of being a part of it. These are the people who always watch others have fun at a party or sit alone during lunch in an office.

Fitting in with a group is quite hard for some people, especially those who are shy or slightly ‘different’ from the others. At the workplace, this trait can be harmful as your social behavior is as important as your professional behavior. You may lose out on important projects or opportunities to grow because the person in charge thinks you’re an oddball.

While preparing for work life, update your personality as well as your resume. Develop a positive, friendly and open attitude in order to adapt and fit in with the crowd at your workplace.

Observe and listen
You may be a great conversationalist but talking too much can also keep you out of the chats around the drinking fountain. As a new person, you may risk being labeled as ‘Johnny-come-lately’ if the people find your behavior too brazen and annoying.

Until you get the feel of the place, learn to observe others and listen to their conversations. Avoid being a busybody at all costs.

Smile and be nice
It may seem insignificant but little gestures like smiling and bringing someone coffee can go a long way in forging healthy relationships. Everyone likes to have pleasant people around them. No one likes an annoying, complaining voice.

The smart worker
Work hard and work extra if you absolutely have to do so. But know when to stop. The last thing you want is others taking advantage of your congeniality.

When you’re in Rome…
When you work in a team, you must work as a team does. You have to promote your own career but not at the cost of being shunned by your teammates.

Be the missing piece of the puzzle that makes the company’s jigsaw perfect and complete!