The perfect breakfast in bed

breakfast-in-bed Pampering isn’t restricted to children; even adults like to be spoilt every now and then. Making a delicious breakfast in bed for your loved one is the perfect way to start their day on a bright, cheerful note.

It won’t work if you simply serve your usual breakfast in bed instead of the dining table. The point of this tradition is to make that day a special one for your beloved. After all, it’s not everyday that you can enjoy the luxury of a breakfast in bed.

Advance preparation
Breakfast in bed is best presented as a surprise so it will require considerable planning. A weekend day is most suitable as any chance of your beloved having an early morning meeting is ruled out. Besides you won’t end up making him or her late for work.

Since a weekend is the only time to sleep in late, don’t wake your loved one up at 7 am just because you’ve been making the breakfast since 5 am. Know your partner’s sleeping habits and time the breakfast surprise accordingly.

The breakfast
While it would be golden if you could learn to prepare an exotic breakfast, even a simple meal will suffice. The important thing is that your beloved should like it so ensure that you’ve covered all their favorites. If he or she is a coffee addict, then a steaming cup of espresso or cappuccino will be much better than regular coffee.

A mess caused by spills and crumbs is a mood killer. Use a tray that is closed on the sides and has a stand so that it sits perfectly on the bed. Take out the fancy china or silverware you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Replace tissues and bulky bottles with pretty napkins and bowls. A vase of flowers on the tray and in the bedroom create a beautiful atmosphere for the perfect breakfast.

After this wonderful spread, don’t forget to clean up. You didn’t prepare the best breakfast in bed only to have your beloved come down to a messy kitchen!