The new technology Draft N wireless routers, compatible with 802.11n standards

wireless-router The mass demands advancement today. People are always looking for those equipments that give them all the hassle free services, also the equipment should be compatible in all terms. Draft N wireless routers are built for home networking purpose. In fact this is the latest in wireless home networking products. It has been admired because of its speed, throughput, range and dependability

It has been found that wireless networking products are the best for home networking purposes but it has some limitations, such as security. The equipments are also not fast enough for media streaming and heavy duty file transfers, which causes a lot o problems for the users and they move on to the wired ones. The 802.11g version of routers is still available today, but it has a speed of only 54 Mbps compared to the Draft N wireless routers which have a top rate of 540 Mbps. which is indeed great for networking lovers.

The main problem with the 802.11n standards is that equipments which are compatible with this standard is not available today in the market, as the standard has a lot of specifications and fulfilling all of them needs adequate time and research. So the company has launched the draft version of the product for testing purposes. Once the draft version gets approval form the people the final version would be coming out soon. Today many other vendors are using the 802.11n standards to build their equipments, but they use a slightly different standard from the actual one and so the users fall in difficulty when they buy products form different vendors and it becomes incompatible. But with the new Draft N wireless modem you will not face any difficulties of incompatibility because this equipment uses the exact 802.11n specifications for its functionality. It has also been approved that these routers will deliver exact performance a written in the product specifications.