The lure of Latvia

lure-of-latvia Latvia is a small country in the Baltic region of Europe but it has a lot of big things to offer. Steeped in a history of occupation by varied rulers including Russian and Lithuanian and Polish, Latvia has preserved the remains of its heritage while embracing modern life.

One can only roam the streets of Riga, the capital, wonderstruck by the beauty of the city with its cobblestone streets and Art Nouveau architecture.

Visit this country in summer for a pleasant time enjoying the varied music festivals; winter can be rough as the temperatures hit the lowest level. However, if winter sports are your forte then Latvia offers plenty of opportunity for snowboarders and skiers.

Start your tour of Latvia by witnessing the Freedom Monument in Old Riga. It is a significant attraction as it represents the independent country of Latvia. Kārlis Zāle, a Latvian architect designed the monument that was erected in 1935 and restored in 2001.

Even if exploring a museum is not your idea of sightseeing, you should not miss the Occupation Museum of Latvia. The period of Nazi and Soviet occupation in Latvia is brought to life in the interesting displays at the museum, offering more than mere information.

Christianity is one of the main religions in Latvia and the Aglona Basilica is the most important Catholic shrine in the nation. Situated in the village of Aglona, it is a significant pilgrimage site for devotees all around the world. They gather at the basilica on August 15 to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The shrine was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

The Three Brothers’ of Riga, Latvia are not famous people but houses, the oldest in that city. The three – the White Brother, Yellow Brother and Green Brother – were built at different times in history, the first one being the oldest (15th century). This dwelling now accommodates the Latvian Museum of Architecture.

The above are just few of the attractions offered by Latvia. This wonderful country has a cornucopia of marvels in store for every traveler.