The hitchhikers guide to safety

hitchhiking It is illegal to hitchhike in some places; hence hitchhiking there is never a good idea. That established – hitchhiking in places where it is permitted has pros and cons. Like any other debatable subject, the issue cannot be dismissed or resolved in favor of either. A middle path is the key and safety, the desirable outcome.

Men and women both need to exercise precaution while hitchhiking. Whether you’re stranded at night because of a broken-down vehicle or need to get from one place to another abroad, the safety rule always applies.

First impressions
In the case of hitchhikers, first impressions are very important. If your instinct tells you to run when you get a close look at your rescuer, follow it. Never take a ride with a driver about whom you have persistent doubts.

Likewise, decent drivers may not help hitchhikers who don’t make a good first impression. It’s not about being glamorous but appearing like a normal human being. Few can trust wild, bohemian individuals who look like they belong to another planet.

Alert and awake
The hard part is not over once you get a lift. You’ll be spending considerable amount of time in a small space with a stranger. This is not the time or place to take a quick nap. Make sure that you note down the registration number, model and color of the vehicle.

Keep your belongings close to you and don’t display any cash or jewelry. If you have a phone, call a friend or family member and keep them updated on where you are. If not, make light conversation with the driver about general topics. Avoid getting too personal or divulging private details.

On the right track
Make your destination clear to the driver from the start to ensure that there’s no confusion about the name of the place. If you do end up elsewhere, stay calm. You can always get another ride, call for help or find alternative transport.

It is important, as a hitchhiker, to not panic in unexpected situations. Keep your wits about yourself always.