The healthy traveler

healthy-traveler One may wonder why health should be a worry when you’re on vacation; for the simple reason that the germs which cause diseases aren’t on vacation. They’re busy at work ruining your health and your well-planned holiday of fun and relaxation.

So make health your priority before leaving the security of familiar surroundings. Exotic locations mean exotic illnesses that you can certainly do without. While you shop for clothes and adventure gear, make a stop at the chemist’s and your doctor’s clinic for some healthy travel measures.

A first-class first-aid kit
The hotels you stay in will have first-aid kits but it is best to use your own customized one. This should ideally consist of necessary aids to deal with minor bumps and bruises, as well as antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Carry plenty of dosage of your regular medication (if any). Also take along medicines for some other ailments that you may commonly be suffering from. Vaccinations for certain diseases wouldn’t be out-of-place either.

Prevention is better than cure
An unused health kit at the end of your trip does not mean your packing was a waste. It simply means that you have been wise and stayed away from all vice. Avoid putting your hand in the fire and burning your arm when you can stay warm at a distance.

Simply put, don’t take risks when it comes to food and water. Resist the urge to sample the spicy sauces and dishes from street vendors or restaurants. Eat regular-sized meals and avoid over-eating.

Drink boiled or bottled water at all times. They’re literally a spring of life for you in a place filled with infected water carrying germs of water-borne diseases. Juices are a better option that sodas and hot coffee and tea are the best beverages.

A healthy traveler is a happy traveler: so stay healthy on your travels around the globe and enjoy to the fullest!