The facts you must know about your gadget’s power consumptions

power-consumption How would it feel if some day you discover that your electricity bill has suddenly jumped to a much unexpected value. You try to switch off your lights for while every day but the results still do not alter. You must have some electronic gadgets at home that are causing these troubles to you. These gadgets need to be controlled in order to reduce the electricity consumption. Today in this advance world every body has got one or two digital gadgets at home, but you must know the actual electricity they are consuming before you can use them comfortably. Some of the guidelines are described below.

It is a fact that the electronic gadgets consume about 10 % of your household electricity. The factors have never been scrutinized and are generally neglected by the mass, but people need to know these things to monitor the consumption of these gadgets. Today most of the houses are energy hungry due to our own faults. Sometimes Plasma TVs are left running when nobody are around the corner, Games consoles are also left running unplayed at home. Some devices such as media centre PCs, home media servers and external hard drives are kept running for 24 hours unnoticed.

Even standby devices consume a lot of power. So it is always advised to switch them off when not in use. But this cannot be done with a computer; you cannot shut it down completely while away for sometime. The computers can be handled nicely if the hard drives and memory stacks are disconnected by the operating system before the power off to ensure the data integrity of the system

There is a special kind of electronic digital meter available in the market that measures the exact electricity consumption of the devices. You have to connect one end to the main power outlet and the other with the devices, after that you can measure and control the usage of the devices.