The Best Time of Day to Apply Weed Killer

Apply Weed Killer The Best Time of Day to Apply Weed Killer

Weeds are a menace in a beautiful garden. The walk ways and drive ways may look ugly with the weeds. It will be very difficult to pluck each and every weed manually. This is because by the time you finished weeding the new ones will start to grow and it will be a never ending process.

However it is easy to apply weed killer on these areas. While using weed killer you must apply them by using the correct methodology.

How to Apply the Weed Killer

First you have to prepare the land before applying weed killers. Weed your garden as far as possible and mow the grass. Cut the long weeds to a few inches. This will help you to recognize the weeds and valuable plants. This will also avoid the dead weeds bunches and you need not spend more time for cleaning them. Cutting down the long weeds will also improve the ventilation.

Time to Spray

Pre emergent Weed Killer

If you are planning to use pre emergent weed killers then use them before the weeds germinate. Depending on your location, identify the time of germination of weeds and apply the weed killer. Mostly weeds germinate between the months of April and early May.

Post Emergent Weed Killer

Spray the weed killer before noon and when the sun is shining. This helps the weeds to absorb the droplets of weed killer easily. The weed killer along with the warm sun will make the process of killing weeds faster. Avoid using weed killer during the rainy season as it may get washed off before getting absorbed by the plant. While spraying the weed killer you must be careful to avoid the near by valuable plants as it may kill that plants too.

If it is a summer and when there is no rain and dew drops on the leaves in the morning, then you can spray weed killer during the morning hours itself. This will give time for the weeds to dry up.

Granular Weed Killer

Instead of wet sprays you can also use granular weed killers, and then apply it during the moist hours like early morning or evening. Thus is because granular weed killers prefer moisture for getting absorbed by the plants.