The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses women The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglass helps you to protect your eyes from sun. More than that sunglass is a stylish accessory that many people used to wear as fashion. Sunglasses are now available in different shapes, colors and sizes and you can choose the one that perfectly matches your shape of your face and color.

Detect the Face Shape

If you want to determine your face’s shape, then take one of your photos and mark the prominent features on your face. Mark your outer edge of the eyebrows, cheek bones and sides of your jaw. Then connect the markings and the shape you get will be your face shape. Then you can choose the sunglass that matches with the face shape.

Sunglass for Different Face Shapes

While choosing the sunglass make it very sure that if you have a large face then a large glass will suit your more. If your face is small then select a small sized glass. Similarly the frame shape contrast to the face shape will suit you more. Here are different shapes of sunglass that suits to your face shape.

Oval Shaped Face

The face will have narrow chin and high cheek bones. Oval face shape is considered to be a universal shape and hence these people have lot of options for sunglass. Almost all shapes suit to them well but the square shaped frame with higher temples and rounded edges matches well. Oval faced people can also try shields or wraparounds for their face.

Round Shaped Face

Round shaped face do not show much cheek bones and jaw definition. Hence your sunglass must be aimed to slim and lengthen your face. Never select a round frame for round face instead choose frames having straight lines line rectangular or square. If the sunglass has a higher template then it may create longer profile.

Square Shaped Face

If the face has wide fore head, chin and cheeks then it may be a square face. Here the aim of using a sunglass must be to get an appearance of lengthy face shape.  Sunglass with a frame of oval or round frame will make a contrast with your square face.

There are also triangular shaped faces, inverted triangular shaped faces, diamond shaped faces etc then you must choose sunglasses that are contrasting your face shape.