Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is a hormone essential for men and is produced by the testicles. This hormone is responsible for the growth and development of sex organs in male.

It also helps to keep the secondary sex characteristics. With out which men may feel depressed, anxious and may have lack of sex drive etc. The strength and mass of muscles may also decrease with the lack of this hormone. Lack of testosterone in your body may cause erectile dysfunction too. The affected person may also experience changes in his cholesterol level and reduction in hemoglobin that may leads to anemia. They may also easily develop osteoporosis.

Usually young men are not subjected to testosterone deficiency unless they have any health problem that impairs them from producing testosterone.  Normally the level of testosterone decreases with age and after 40 years there may be a decrease at the rate of  0.3 % per year.

Causes for Testosterone Deficiency

Besides the age factor testosterone may be decreased due to several other reasons too. It includes infection or injury in testicles, any radiation for cancer treatment, more iron in the body, abnormal functioning of pituitary gland, Klinefelter’s syndrome, chronic kidney failure, stress, liver cirrhosis, inflammation of lungs etc. Hormonal treatment for prostate cancer and corticosteroids etc may also cause deficiency of testosterone. Alcoholism is another reason that can lead to testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone Therapy

There are different types of testosterone therapy that may help you to get rid the symptoms caused by the lack of testosterone. You can take intramuscular injection in between every two weeks or three weeks. You can also wear testosterone patches on the scrotum or on the body. Testosterone gels and mucoadhesive materials that can be applied twice on your teeth etc are also available. First consult your doctor and then decide the treatment method.

Side effects of Testosterone Therapy

Even though the testosterone therapy is safe it may be associated with certain side effects and some of them are oily skin, acne, fluid retention on the body, breast enlargement, sleep apnea, reduction in testicular size etc. Sometimes the person may have an urge to urinate frequently as his prostate tissues are getting stimulated by testosterone therapy.