Telstra Turbo 21 modem-The fastest ever broadband on earth

telstra Telstra Turbo 21 modem is the latest product in the category of high speed modems that offers a very high speed wireless broadband. It is bit costly one, but the speed dominates the price. It has a pick up speed of about 6 Mbps. The user interface is very simple and also the installation task is very easy compared to other modems. It is best suitable for entertainment media and gaming computers. It has a USB interface that connects with every pc in the world. The price is about AU $ 499.00. It has also a speed up to 21Mbps around Australian cities.

The manufacturer of the modem has employed OEM Sierra to give the broadband services to the people. You can get a higher speed if you reside next to a base station. But away form a station the speed is very moderate for fast computing. This modem comes with a bundle of installation CD through which the installation progresses automatically. This modem is compatible with all the windows versions but it will not work with the Mac. When the software is installed the user interface shows a mini window with a single connect button. When connected the window shows the strength of the signal and the amount of data sent or received. There is also SMS facility in the modem using the SIM connected to it.

When this modem was recently tested in Australia then it is found that the modem has a variable speed, that is its Mbps changes with time. But at last is has been confirmed that it has the best speed in the world. Sometimes the speed may fall a bit but still a very good speed is maintained for speedy surfing. There are different internet plans for different kinds of people. If you want to download more, go for the bigger plan otherwise start with the least one initially.