Telstra brings next generation wireless broadband.

modem-telstra The new generation prepaid broadband has been launched by Telstra for the people who do not want to stick to the traditional cyber cafes for surfing. But one must be aware of its cost before buying it. The main features include easy instillation, good network coverage and excellent browsing speed. The main drawback is the high cost and non compatibility with OS X.

This broadband service is sometimes fastest in some remote areas where there is no other item of connectivity. The installation of the equipment F256 is done with the supplied software. Only Windows OS are supported by the device. After the software has been installed, you have to buy a data pack which comes with a variety of plans. These data packs are found on the web or you can order these through your mobile phone. These data plans are not at all cheap; all of them have a validity period of one month. BROWSEPLUS5 plans costs AU$5 and it gives about 5MB of usage. The BROWSEPLUS10 costs AU$10 comes with 20 Mb of usage. There are also other plans of 80 and 200 Mb usage, costing AU$29 and AU$59 respectively

The extra usage of the broadband charges AU$2 per MB, so you should be very careful in using the internet. Once you have bought the data pack, it is time to get connected. Just plug in your mobile with a USB chord or the chord that comes with the device and with the software connect with the net. The software has an easy interface and can be also used to measure the internet speed and read the usability statistics.

This broadband system however has speed of about 8 Mbps which is enough for simple web browsing activities. If you want to play high definition games and streaming videos over the net then you can use other products of the company. But all of the products gives almost same type of performance In terms of quality is concerned.