Teaching Your Child How To Concentrate

teaching-your-child-how-to-concentrate1 Not every parent is blessed with children who easily concentrate on their studies. With the encroachment of television and computer games in the lives of our kids, making them concentrate on their studies have become more difficult.

Observe your child’s behavior
Before teaching your child to concentrate, observe your child’s behavior. See which activities are capable of easily drawing your child’s attention. Mark the activities that distract your child. Studies have shown that most eight-year-old kids could not concentrate for more than ten minutes.

Teaching your child concentration
Children learn by seeing. Before teaching your child how to concentrate, you should first help him recognize concentration in others. Show him when your spouse is reading or cooking, your older child is studying or even when your pet cat is waiting for a prey in the yard, and tell him that they are concentrating on their work. After your child recognizes concentration in others, help him to recognize concentration in himself. When you find that your child is concentrating on a particular game or TV show, allow him to finish his activity. Then talk to him how he was concentrating, and how good he was at concentrating. This will help your child understand the meaning of concentration.

You can get your child various games, which are designed to improve concentration. Teaching concentration is a gradual process. You should not coax your child to concentrate. Instead, allow him to learn the art of concentration naturally.

Allow your child to follow his dream
Psychologists often blame parents for their children’s lack of concentration.

Often parents coerce children to do tasks, which they find uninteresting.

Parents should remember that children are born with different types of skills. Some children are more hooked to sports than study. Instead of forcing your child to follow your dream, allow your child to follow his/her dream. Hence if your child loves sports, music or painting, encourage him to develop his skills in his favorite fields. It is easy for your child to concentrate in something, which arouses his interest.

However, despite your best efforts, if you are unable to teach your child concentration, and lack of concentration is badly affecting his studies, immediately seek professional help.