Teach Your Child Responsibility

teach-him-to-take-responsibility We have seen adults who are afraid of shouldering responsibility. If you don’t want your child to become an irresponsible adult, teach him to take responsibility from an early age.  Teaching your child responsibility does not mean disciplining him with a set of principles. Teaching responsibility can be a gradual process, where the child is taught how to be responsible through easy daily activities.

Allow your child to help
Parental love, often forbids us from allowing our children to help us. Our children will not be tired or hurt helping us in simple daily chores.

Therefore, if your child wants to help you in making the breakfast or in cleaning the room, welcome him to do the task. Similarly, assign them small tasks, suitable for their age. Simple tasks, such as caring for plants and pets or even keeping the room tidy, could help your child to become responsible individuals.

Do not reward
To make your child truly responsible, do not reward him for a task accomplished by him. Every time you reward your child, he will be tempted to do a task only out of greed for what he gets. Rewards will only make your child greedy. To become responsible, you should inculcate in your child the intrinsic worth of being responsible.

Allow your child to handle situations
As parents, we always want to protect our children from difficult situations. If our children do not learn to handle difficult situations themselves, they cannot handle responsibilities of adult life. To make your child responsible allow him to deal with consequences of mistakes. Therefore, if for instance your child is careless with his belongings, and loses his pencil box frequently, instead of quickly buying one for him, let him deal with the consequence of his careless behavior for a brief period.

Be a responsible parent
Children learn by seeing. Parents are the role models of their children. Parents, who themselves are efficient in handling responsibilities, can help to make their children responsible. Talk to your children about the importance of being responsible. Tell them about the responsibilities you have to handle in your life.