Tattoo Health Risks

Tattoo Health Risks Tattoo Health Risks

Now a days making tattoos on the body has become a trend. Some people do tattooing for aesthetic purpose while others do it as an alternative to re-constructive surgery when they have diseases like vitiligo. Some others tattoo eyebrows when they loss their eyebrows due to alopecia. Before doing tattooing on your body you must think twice, because tattooing may cause many health hazards. Here are some health hazards caused by tattooing.

Health Hazards

The ink, diluents, pigments etc used for tattooing must be an approved one from FDA but if an unapproved color is added to the tattoo ink it may cause problems. The approved inks are used only for the external use and are not recommended for injecting in to the body. Now a day many of the tattooing person’s use unapproved materials and many are using industrial colors which are used in automobiles and printers.


The risks of getting infections are more while tattooing. The equipments used for tattooing like the needles, machines etc has to be sterilized otherwise it may spread diseases like hepatitis, staph, tetanus, fungal infection etc. More over the tattooed person must take care of the pigmented area very well for weeks or else it may cause infection.


Even though the allergies towards the tattoos are less, but when it happens then it may cause serious allergic symptoms. Then the removal of the tattoo may not be so easy. It may take years to cure this allergy and removal of the tattooed pigments requires several expensive treatments. However the complete removal of tattoos with out causing any scars is found to be impossible. If you are using laser or UV lights for removing the ink then the photo-toxic chemical present in the tattoo may break up to toxic end products that cause liver and kidney complaints to you.

Many people develop reaction against plastic based pigments. These pigments may cause polymerization under the skin. The metals involved in tattooing may also cause allergic reactions. There may be metals like nickel, mercury, cobalt, copper, cadmium, lead, lithium etc in different colored inks.

If your tattooing agent is using alcohol as a carrier or for disinfecting the skin before applying tattoos then it increase the permeability of your skin and draws the chemicals deep in to the skin and to the blood vessels. Alcohol in turn makes the carcinogenic materials in the ink to more harmful elements.