Tasmania Travel

The isolated mass of land in the Australian territory, known as Tasmania, is a picturesque location in Australia. Blessed with mild climate, long white beaches on the East Coast and the wilderness on the western coast, ‘Tassie’ is a paradise worth exploring.

Attractions in Tasmania


The capital of Tasmania is a serene metropolis, very different from the hustle and bustle of large metropolitan cities of the world. The colonial mansions and the quaint cottages dotting Hobart remind us of a bygone colonial era. You can visit the several artists’ studios or dine in an elegant dockside café. The former hub of whalers is a great place to go on a short fishing expedition. You can take a cruise to the Bruny Island. You can scale Mount Wellington. Port Arthur Historic site is the most popular tourist attraction in Hobart. Don’t miss visiting the scenic towns and countryside surrounding Hobart such as Richmond, Oatlands, Hamilton and New Norfolk. Shopaholics should not miss the Saturday Salamanca Market.

East Coast

The blue ocean water on the East Coast is the perfect venue for boating, kayaking, snorkeling or sea cruising. To the north of the East Coast is located the Flinders Islands noted for the Killiecrankie diamonds. You can laze on the white sandy beaches of the Bay of Fires. To the northeast of the eastern coast of Tasmania, you can explore the Mount William National Park home to Forester kangaroos. The Douglas-Apsley National Park is a conglomeration of waterfalls and rivers flowing through rugged gorges. The Freycinet National Park at the mouth of the Coles Bay is an ideal place for water sports.


This northern capital of Tassie houses several 19th century Victorian mansions. Close to the city center is located the Cataract Gorge. The Tamar Valley is dotted with vineyards, orchards and lavender plantations.

North West Coast

The northwestern coast of Tasmania is the cultural hub of the island. Here you will come across designers creating splendid artifacts, jewelries, furniture and sculptures. On this corner of Tasmania, you can catch a glimpse of the famous Tasmanian devils prowling in the wild. The King Island Dairy is a popular place for gourmets looking for exclusive seafood dishes and cheese.