Tapeworm Treatment

Food prepared in unhygienic conditions is often contaminated with tapeworm eggs and larvae. After entering the human gut, the tapeworm eggs or larvae will mature in the intestine forming large adult worms. Tapeworm infection is a serious health hazard. If left untreated, it can even damage your organs.

Symptoms of tapeworm infection

The symptoms of the worm infection will depend upon the type of tapeworm present in your intestine. People infested with pork tapeworms might develop severe health complications. Beef tapeworms usually produce mild symptoms of intestinal infection. Common signs of worm infection are abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, appetite loss, fatigue and weight loss. Serious health problems develop when the worm moves out of the intestine.

The worms migrating out of the intestine are associated with cysts, seizures, allergy and fever. Invasive worm infection can damage the central nervous system. If the worm travels to the brain, it could damage the brain tissues by forming a cyst in the brain. Pork tapeworms are usually associated with brain cysts.

Risks of tapeworm infection

Eating undercooked or raw meat and fish, poor hygiene, such as putting unclean fingers in the mouth, and exposure to livestock, such as pigs and cattle, can make you susceptible to tapeworm infection.

Tapeworm treatment

Tapeworm infection could be treated with medications. However, surgery might be required for removing cysts in organs. Herbalists recommend certain herbs such as licorice root, wormwood, agrimony and marshmallow for flushing out the worms from the intestine. Folk healers recommend a milk bath for eliminating the worms from the body.

To prepare the milk bath, fill your bathtub with about three gallons of milk and a quart of warm water. Sit in the bath for at least an hour. Make sure that your rectum is completely immersed in the milk. You might experience the adult worm, the larvae and eggs moving out of your rectum. You can even get rid of the worms by eating four to five cloves of fresh garlic everyday. Pumpkin seeds and fenugreek seeds can even help to eliminate the worms from the intestine. Papaya, cranberry and pineapple could kill tapeworms present in your intestine.