Talking to Your Child About Puberty

child-puberty During puberty, a child is confused about sudden physical changes, which he or she undergoes during this period. If parents talk to children about puberty, and about the different changes, which everyone experiences during this stage of life, it becomes easy for children to deal with the challenges of puberty. However, parents are unsure how and when to talk to their children about puberty.

Initiate discussion
You can hardly expect your child to approach you for a full-blown discussion on puberty. Nonetheless, he or she will have numerous queries in mind. To satisfy his curiosity, he will turn to unreliable sources, such as friends for information. As parent, you should talk to your child about puberty, giving him the right information.

When to discuss
In boys, puberty may start between 10 and 16 years. In girls, puberty starts earlier, between nine and thirteen years. It is best to tell your child, about the physical changes he is likely to face, just before the actual occurrence of the changes. In case of girls, it is extremely important that parents should tell them about menstruation, before it actually occurs. Girls, who have no previous knowledge about menstruation, become extremely scared when they get their first period.

What to say
You should tell your children, that the physical changes during puberty are normal part of their growth process. They should not be ashamed or afraid of these changes. You should vividly explain the details of physical changes they will have. You should tell your daughter that hairs would start growing on her legs, underarms and around her genitals. Her breasts will develop gradually. During this time, she might require to wear training bras. Girls should be told why menstrual bleeding occurs. Teaching her the importance of hygiene during this period is extremely important. Similarly, boys should be told that their voice will crack and will become deeper. His penis and testicles will become bigger. He will ejaculate and will sometimes have wet dreams. You should tell him that facial hairs will appear and his shoulders will broaden and his muscles will develop.