Take Care of Your Hair While Swimming

care-of-your-hair-while-swimming Do you love your hair? Yes all of us love our hair and when small or big hair related problems crop up we tend to become frantic to get rid of the woes. Whether you enjoy swimming or spending time outdoors, you have to take care of your hair at all times.

Swimmer’s Woes

Swimmers have to be extra careful about their hair because a green colored coating forms of the hair because of the buildup of chlorine. You would certainly not want your hair to get discolored. In case of those who are blond, the buildup becomes very prominent.

Tips to Protect Hair

Now if you cannot give up swimming you have to arm yourself. Make sure that before you start swimming you make the right preparations. You need to understand that hair behaves like a sponge in water and it soaks up water when it is dry. Thus, before taking the dip you can rinse your hair with tap water so that it becomes wet. In this way it will not really absorb a lot of chlorinated water of the pool. Just after finishing swimming you can shampoo off your hair as this will prevent buildup of chlorine. Make sure to rinse with lots of water.

Shampoo with Care

If you do not know which shampoo to choose, then you can settle for a clarifying shampoo that can effectively get rid of residue in your hair and scalp. Now if you want a home remedy for this purpose then you can wash your hair with a mixture of one pint of water and quarter cup of cider vinegar. This solution will tackle discoloring and dullness of hair. You can keep your hair tied in a pony tail to reduce damage. Use soft scrunchies and stay away from tight elastic bands that can lead to hair breakage.