T-Mobile Brings 3 LG Phones – Sentio, dLite, GS170

For the first time the Bellevue, Washington based wireless carrier T-Mobile has collaborated with the Korean electronics giant LG to sell some stunning LG cell phones. From this summer, T-Mobile will start selling three new LG handsets named LG Sentio, LG dLite and LG GS170.

However, the LG handsets in T-Mobile’s retail stores might disappoint cell phone buyers looking for high-end LG phones.

LG Sentio

LG Sentio is a touchscreen phone boasting a 3 inches display. It flaunts a virtual keyboard, a 3 megapixel camera and a media player for playing your favorite music and video files. LG Sentio users could customize the home screen of the phone to add the shortcuts to their favorite apps and widgets on the home screen. Social Buzz, a social networking application created by LG, is preloaded in the handset.

Social Buzz will help LG Sentio users to access popular social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. This 3G-enabled LG device will provide high-speed internet connectivity through T-Mobile’s mobile portal Web2Go, facilitating faster web surfing. LG Sentio will support Visual Voicemail. The GPS antenna integrated in the LG handset will support location based navigation services.

LG dLite

LG dLite is a clamshell handset featuring a 2.8 inches display and a standard alphanumeric keyboard. A LED matrix hidden on the exterior of the LG dLite handset displays caller ID, date, time and alerts. LG dLite users could customize the ‘edge-lit’ lights of the handset. LG dLite supports 3G and Visual Voicemail. Social Buzz, the social networking app loaded in the handset, will connect users to popular social networking sites. MicroSD memory card slot, Bluetooth and MP3 player are integrated in handset. LG will launch dLite in two colors – electric blue and bubblegum pink.

LG GS170

LG GS170 is an entry-level handset. It features a VGA camera and Bluetooth 2.1. The pocket-sized handset is equipped with large keys. It will run on the quad band GSM network of T-Mobile. Despite its simple features, LG GS170 will support prominent messaging features such as text messaging, multimedia messaging, instant messaging via AOL, Yahoo and Windows Live and emailing. LG GS170 is created for cell phone buyers looking for a cheap basic handset.