T-Mobile Bringing Affordable T-Mobile Tap and Nokia 3711

Nokia 3711 In recent years, T-Mobile has lost a huge chunk of customers to its rival cell phone carriers. To woo new customers and to expand revenues with locked devices, T-Mobile will launch two affordable 3G phones during the forthcoming holiday season. T-Mobile Tap and Nokia 3711 are two upcoming low cost handsets from USA’s fourth largest wireless carrier.

T-Mobile Tap
T-Mobile Tap is a sleek affordable touch screen cell phone. Speedy internet surfing with this device will be supported by the 3G connectivity of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Tap will feature a camera with 2 mega pixels resolution. The camera of the phone will be equipped with zoom, video recording and video playback functions. This phone will sport a MP3 music player. T-Mobile Tap will also feature speakerphone. However, FM radio is absent from the device. For finding directions on the move, the integrated GPS of this T-Mobile phone will be supported by T-Mobile’s TeleNav navigation service. T-Mobile Tap boasts USB 2.0 port for PC syncing. Its Bluetooth support will allow users to connect their phone to Bluetooth headsets. T-Mobile Tap will support all prominent messaging formats, including SMS, MMS and email. This T-Mobile handset will allow instant messaging through Windows Live, AOL and Yahoo. This phone will run on T-Mobile’s quad band GSM and UMTS networks. However, T-Mobile Tap does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. Memory expansion will be supported by microSD card.

Nokia 3711
Nokia 3711 is a clamshell phone running on Nokia’s Series 40 operating system. By switching off its illumination, the uniquely designed external display of this Nokia handset could be easily hidden from view . This phone will enable fast web browsing over the 3G network of T-Mobile. Nokia 3711 flaunts a 2-megapixel camera fitted with video recorder and zoom. It sports a MP3 music player. This Nokia handset of T-Mobile also supports stereo Bluetooth. With the integrated GPS of the phone and the preinstalled Nokia Maps 2.0, this Nokia phone could be used as a navigational device. Nokia 3711 features USB 2.0 port for PC syncing, and microSD memory slot for memory expansion. This phone will run on T-Mobile’s quad band GSM and dual band UMTS networks.