Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Heart attack is  a sudden occurrence and it happen because of the abnormal functioning of the heart. This can be due to the reduced or complete lack of blood supply to the heart. If the lack of blood supply to the heart is due to narrowing of the artery then such attack is called angina and the damage that happens to the heart is called infarction.

In most of the cases people hesitate to go to hospital during the first hour of heart attack. This first hour of heart attack is also called golden hour as at this point your chances of recovery is more. Many refused to meet doctor during this hour because of the embarrassment of not having anything wrong. Hence it is necessary to know about the symptoms of heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

There may be uncomfortable pressure, pain, squeezing, fullness etc on the center of the chest that may last for more than a few minutes. This discomfort may subside after a few minutes and then reappear. This pain may radiate towards the shoulders, arms and neck. The pain thus developed may remain mild and at times become severe pain and resemble like a tightness, heavy weight, pressure, burning etc. This is a common symptom of coronary insufficiency. You may experience such feelings in upper abdomen, jaw, neck, chest, shoulders and on the inside of arms.

Most of the people experience discomfort after having their meals. Some people even experience light headedness, sweating, nausea, fainting and shortness of breath. Sometimes there will be anxiety and nervousness. Certain people have sweaty and cold skin along with paleness on the skin. There may be increased rate of heart beat.

Women have different symptoms when compared to men. Most of the women have pain in between the shoulder blade instead of having severe chest pain. Almost of 70 percent of women experience unusual fatigue prior to heart attack. Many of them also had shortness of breath, sleep disturbance, anxiety and indigestion problems. At the point of heart attack they may have shortness of breath, unusual fatigue, cold sweat, dizziness and weakness.

When ever you have any of these symptoms check it with your doctor and make sure you are safe. There is no need for any embarrassment as it is a difference between death and life.