Symptoms of Blood Cancer

blood-cancer Blood cancer

The formation of abnormal blood cells from the bone marrow gives rise to blood cancer. These abnormal blood cells will spread on the entire body. The abnormal cells won’t be able to do their normal functions and may impair the functioning of the body. These abnormal cells may also get deposited in certain parts of the body like the lungs, liver, skin, digestive tract, kidney, respiratory tract and may produce different symptoms based on the area of deposition.

Symptoms of Acute Blood Cancer

In acute blood cancer the symptoms appear suddenly and then progress quickly. It will cause weakness to the body and the patient may have fatigue. He may also suffer from fever and the fever may be accompanied with night sweats and chill. The patient may experience excessive weight loss and frequent infections with out any major cause. This is because the immune systems becomes weak due to the abnormal white blood cells.

The patient may also have bleeding gums and bruises as the blood lacks platelets and the blood won’t clot easily. It may also cause anemia and sometimes breathlessness. The patient may also have blood stains in the urine. The lymph glands, spleen or liver may enlarge and cause discomfort and pain in the abdominal region. Acute blood cancer may also cause pain in the joints and bones.

Symptoms of Chronic Blood Cancer

In chronic blood cancer the symptoms appears only slowly and it develops gradually and impair the functioning of the entire body. Here the patient may show symptoms only in the final stage.

When the cancer cells get deposited in the eye it may cause problems in vision and sores in the patients. Blood cancer may affect the nervous system and cause severe headache and vomiting. Similarly the weakness of nervous system may also affect their control over muscles. Chronic blood cancer will also show fever and related night sweats and chill. Anemia and tiredness along with weight loss is also a common symptom. Enlargements of lymph, spleen or liver are also see in certain cases. Chronic blood cancer may also cause pain in the bones.