SY 2009-10-school year budget supplies

school-year-budget-supplies Our kids are precious for us and we always want to see them happy. But when the school year comes around, their demands for new things make them less likable. Worries about managing their demands on our tight budgets cause sleepless nights. Fortunately, there is a way to solve this dilemma.

Buying school supplies on a budget saves a lot of money and time, and keeps tension away. Not only do you get great stuff at great value but also teach children the value of money. Fulfilling all of their whims and fancies will lead to spoilt children and an empty bank account.

The real quality
Quality does not always come with an expensive designer label. You can get good, durable supplies at a cheaper rate even if they belong to a less important brand. The fancy designer backpacks may look impressive but its money down the drain if it gets ruined in bad weather or outdoor excursions.

The same holds true for footwear. Shoes that squeak, light up, purr or glitter might be a crowd-puller but are hardly suitable for daily wear. Select for your children good footwear that is comfortable and long-lasting.

Look for the sales
It might be crowded but you’ll leave a much happier person from a discount house. Of course, select only the good stores where you know the quality of merchandise is reliable and best.

Bulk orders
Notepads, pencils, pens, markers etc should be bought in bulk to avoid running constant errands throughout the year. It also helps to save money as you’ll only be spending once rather than on several occasions.

Save money by making your own folders. Make use of papers and posters left over from the previous school year.

Grow up and out
A lot of money is spent on clothing as children outgrow their clothes quite soon. Therefore, avoid spending too much money on clothes at the start of the year. Save some for demands that will pour in mid-year.

A healthy back-to-school budget can be made with ease by avoiding panic and adopting a positive attitude.