Swollen Testicles – Causes

Despite the sudden change in its natural appearance, a swollen testicle is not necessarily a harmful condition. Inflammation of either or both the testicles might occur due to fluid build up in the testicle. In the worst case, swollen testicle could be a sign of testicular cancer.

Swollen testicle – causes


Fluid might accumulate within the membranes covering the testes. This condition known as hydrocele could occur at any age. It might develop in babies. However, hydrocele in babies heal naturally within the first birthday of the child. Hydrocele is also one of the commonest causes of inflammation of the testicles in aged men. It can develop from an injury. Hydrocele could be a symptom of inguinal hernia. Fluid might accumulate within the testicular membranes as a side effect of radiation therapy in cancer treatments. Despite the swelling of the testicles, hydrocele is a painless condition


An obstruction in the spermatic cord veins leads to swollen testicle. Congestion in the spermatic cord veins could develop when the valves that regulate blood circulation through the vein could not work properly. This condition known as varicocele is also known as the varicose vein of the testicles. This is a painful condition. The high temperature in the testicle produced by the congested vein could reduce the sperm count, leading to infertility.


Swollen testicles could be the sign of a bacterial or viral infection. The mumps virus is largely associated with inflammation of the testicle or orchitis.

Cysts and tumors

Presence of cysts or tumors in the testicles could cause inflammation of the testicles. Spermatocele is a cyst on the epididymis. Cysts on the epididymis are common among male offspring of women who took certain drugs for preventing miscarriage. Cysts present in the testicles are usually painless.

Tumors present in the testicles should be taken seriously. It might be a sign of testicular cancer.

Swollen testicle treatment

Testicle inflammation caused by hydrocele might require surgery for drawing out the fluid from the testicles. Surgery is also needed for correcting varicocele and treating testicular cancer. To reduce discomfort caused by swelling of the testicle, you should not wear tight undergarments. Dandelion tea is effective in healing testicle swelling caused by infections.