Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI – The touchscreen netbook

suzuki-neutron-701-mni The Singapore based Suzuki Technology is noted for producing affordable notebooks, optical disk drives, portable storage devices and graphic accelerators. The brand, which promises to give customers affordable computing devices, has launched a new ‘value for money touch screen netbook named Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI.

Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI
Suzuki has integrated Intel Atom Z520 processor in the Neutron 701 MNI netbook. It is designed to support 2D and 3D video graphics. Neutron 701 MNI flaunts a 7.1-inch WSGVA TFT LCD touch panel for displaying the best quality images on the netbook. The integrated touch pad is equipped with scrolling function. The touch stylus, which will be shipped with this Suzuki netbook, will ease the task of communicating with the user-friendly interface. The unique design of the Suzuki netbook enables users to fold the netbook along the keyboard to convert it into a tablet PC.

The memory of the netbook could be expanded up to 4GB. Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI guarantees resonating audio experience with the high definition audio interface integrated in the device. This netbook is capable of supporting Direct Sound 3D. It also features integrated microphone and two built-in speakers.

To facilitate synching with other devices, Suzuki Neutron has three USB 2.0 ports. It also has headphone and microphone jacks. This Suzuki netbook has an Express Card slot, one MiniCard slot for WLAN connectivity and 5-in-1 Card Reader. For video conferencing, you can use the 1.3-mega pixel built-in video camera of the device. Ethernet LAN is included in the device.

Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI also supports Bluetooth connectivity. The 56K FAX/modem included in this netbook is an impressive feature that is hard to find in most standard netbooks. The security of the sensitive files stored in this netbook is assured by the Kensington Lock.

Suzuki Neutron 701 MNI has a sleek body. It is 227.5mm long, 170.7mm wide and 29.9 to 25 mm thick. This light weighted netbook weighs only 0.92kg. The four-cell Smart Lithium battery of the netbook could power the Suzuki netbook for up to 140 minutes on a single charge.