Sunless Tanning

If you thought that basking in the sun is the sole method of tanning, then you are mistaken. A beach vacation is no longer needed to give you the desired tanned look. You can even attain the tanned appearance without the dazzling sunlight burning your skin. With the rising concern about dangers of prolonged sun exposure, several sunless tanning options have arrived that guarantees to give you the tanned appearance without sun exposure.

Tanning creams and lotions

For that bronze look, you can apply a tanning lotion or cream all over your body and face. These products contain active ingredients such as DHA or a plant derivate known as lawsone. As soon as you apply a tanning product on your skin, it becomes brown in color. Tanning products containing DHA last longer, whereas lawsome based tanning products should be reapplied frequently to retain the bronzy complexion. Some tanning creams might contain sun blocks that could protect your skin from sunlight. Tanning products devoid of sunscreen rapidly aids the skin tanning process.

Tanning pills

Can popping a pill tan your skin? Despite the controversy surrounding the safety of taking tanning pills, these products are widely available in the stores. Tanning pills work by stimulating the melanin production of the body. Few natural and synthetic substances are believed to promote skin tanning. However, it is advisable to consult health experts before consuming tanning pills.

Tanning towel

This innovative sunless tanning product is believed to be safe for all types of skins. Even people with sensitive skin could wrap themselves in the tanning towel. Along with tanning, the towel could aid exfoliation and moisturizing.

Tanning salons

If you are uneasy about sunless self tanning processes, you can walk into a sunless tanning saloon or spa and seek professional help. Here the tanning process is carried out by experts who could determine the best sunless tanning product and process for your skin.

Sunless airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning is a popular sunless tanning method. For airbrush tanning, you need a tanning product and a compressor or atomizer for spraying the tanning product. With this tanning procedure, your complexion will become bronze in color instantly within a few minutes.