Summer Hair Care

summer-hair-care Do you find managing your tresses do be an ordeal? You will no longer be bothered by hair troubles even in summer if you know the right hair care tips.

Summer Problems

Exposure to humidity and sunlight can make your hair dry, damaged, and frizzy. Summer is the time when extreme heat can reduce the protective protein of your hair. Thus, your hair can get oxidized and the shade can change to that of brass. Then your hair will not only look lackluster but also become brittle. Don’t worry as here are some great tips that will help solve some of the most common hair problems in summer.

Save Your Tresses

You need to protect the natural color of your hair. Sun can bleach colored as well as normal hair. If you want to save your hair from the sun then here is what you need to do. You cannot find any proper hair color or chemical product that can fight the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on your hair.

However, you can choose products that have SPF in them. In addition to this, you should wear a broad hat to protect your hair. Make sure to choose a hat that is made from a good ultraviolet protection factor fabric. It should also be tightly woven. Before stepping out into the sun you can spray your hair with a hair care product that has SPF in it.

Cut the Frizz

When there is a lot of moisture all around, you cannot avoid having frizzy hair. If your hair is very rough because of the use of blow dryers, straightening rods, and colors then your hair can absorb moisture and become frizzy. To combat this problem you can apply a hair serum that has silicone in it. This will make your hair smooth. Since your hair will no more be rough it will not absorb moisture from the air.


  • Good post…but can you please help me out…is it advisable to color the hairs in every 3-4 months and which is the best brand for coloring of the hairs…

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  • Thank for the good post, yes I do use an umbrella during summer. Is this enaugh to protect my hair?