Summer and Make Up

Beautiful Young Woman on the Beach In summer the heat discourages us not to wear make up but if you use some tactful make up tricks then you can look smart and fresh. When start wearing light linen blouses and airy skirts, you should also lay emphasis on changing your make up. Yes, the right type of make up can make you look radiant and alluring.

Light Tinted Foundation

It makes good sense to use light make up in summer. Thus, if you are fond of using foundation then you should quit the habit. Instead of that you should use a nice tinted moisturizer. Since it is sheer, it will make your skin feel relaxed and light. Your skin will also be able to breathe and not feel suffocated. Choose a good brand and you will not look like you have applied clay on your face.

Cover Up Spots

If you have some spots and marks on your face and you want to cover them then you can lightly brush some powder foundation on top of the tinted moisturizer. This will give you the necessary coverage.

Brighten your Color Palette

You can play with some nice and bright colors during summer because it is the time to look colorful. If you like to wear dresses with bright floral prints then you should also choose energizing colors for make up. When you wear lively colors, they will make your face bright. You will also look younger.

You can apply some pink color on your cheeks. You can give it a try.

Use the Bronzer

When you add a little of warmth to your face you will surely look great. You can do this by using a bronzer. It will make your teeth appear whiter and your eyes will sparkle. Apply it on your chin, forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Don’t cover your entire face with it.