Sugar Scrub – Sugar For Skin Exfoliation

In your endeavor to lose weight if you are eliminating the excess sugar from your diet, and wondering what to do with the piling sugar stock in your pantry, here’s a solution to your problem. Use sugar for exfoliating your skin. Instead of laying your hands on a commercial skin scrub, you can easily make a skin scrub at home with sugar. Sugar scrub is a popular skin care ingredient, which could remove the dead cells from the skin and unclog the skin pores, improving the quality of your skin. Moreover, sugar scrub is suitable for all types of skins. You could use a sugar scrub at least twice every week.

Sugar scrub recipes

Take half a cup of granulated sugar. Add six to seven tablespoons of any good massage oil. You can even add your cooking oil such as corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil or olive oil. Blend the ingredients and apply the sugar scrub allover the body. With gentle circular motion, scrub the skin for a few minutes. Rinse your body with enough water. To reduce the stickiness, use a mild soap for washing your body.

Besides exfoliation, if you want the sugar scrub to moisturize your skin, you can add a quarter cup of glycerin to half a cup of sugar. The glycerin sugar scrub is especially suitable during the winter months, when the skin becomes extremely dry.

Fruits such as banana and avocado are extremely good for the skin. You can mash one ripe banana and add it to the sugar scrub. Similarly, you can add two tablespoons of avocado flesh to the scrub.

Scrubbing the rough and dry spots of your body such the elbows and knees with a sugar scrub to which two teaspoons of lemon juice has been added could help to reduce the dryness and fade the skin discoloration.

To combat premature aging of the skin, break two vitamin E capsules and add the content in the sugar scrub. As you scrub the skin, your skin will absorb the vitamin E, reducing the oxidation damage caused by pollutants. Green tea is a popular antioxidant herbal beverage that can be added to the sugar scrub.