Subtle psychology: the art of flirting

flirting Interaction between the opposite sexes is the nature of human beings. Flirting is also a natural tendency. When you find someone unknown who you’re interested in, you try to establish a conversation with him or her. This is not always easy as people don’t welcome talks with strangers who scare them.

Flirting, hence, needs to be more subtle than aggressive. It is an art that can be mastered with practice and adherence to certain etiquette rules. While flirting is supposed to be fun and casual, taking it too far can cause discomfort and embarrassment to both persons involved.

You and them

If you feel awkward when a person comes up to you and starts talking endlessly, chances are someone else will feel the same way if you do it to them. Know yourself well in order to get to know others.

‘U’ positive

People won’t like you if you don’t like yourself. Keep a positive attitude about yourself and other people. You are more likely to come across as a likeable person then. No one wants to spend time with a bundle of woes.

The signs

Practice giving a winning and charming smile. It should neither come across as a leer nor seem too dispassionate. Eye contact is necessary for any kind of social interaction, even flirting. However, don’t stare so much that the other person feels embarrassed or scared.

The reason

If you want someone to take interest in you, give them a reason. Girls can dress in a way that catches the other person’s attention. But don’t cross the line by dressing inappropriately. Most importantly, be yourself and let your attitude reflect your personality.

Attention, not on everyone

You may be a charming extrovert and have many friends. But don’t converse with them continuously to impress the person you’re with. He or she would appreciate it much more if you give them your undivided attention.

Relax and have a good time. If you err – so what! Everyone does at some point. You won’t get marked down; flirting is not an oral exam you have to pass!