‘Stripe’ tease – including stripes in your outfits

stripes-in-your-outfits Stripes are not meant for prisoners, contrary to the perception of some people. Depending on how they are worn, striped clothes make truly fashionable outfits. The key is to select the right kind of stripes according to your body type.

Stripes can make you look taller or fatter. Choose wisely according to your needs. Vertical and horizontal stripes are the most popular; diagonal stripes are quite flattering as well.

Visual illusion
It is said that vertical stripes will make you look taller whereas horizontal stripes can add weight to a person’s figure; or at least appear too. It could be just an illusion; but with clothes what appears to be is what matters. So don’t throw caution to the winds and decide to make a major fashion faux pas. Also, thin stripes look better than thick ones.

Stripe-stripe equals no-no
Never pair stripes with stripes – the effect can be quite disastrous. If you’ve seen runway models pull this look off, it’s because they’re runway models and you’re not one. Always mix stripes with solid colors to achieve a balanced look. Blending stripes with others prints can also create an undesirable effect.

As thin as a pin
For a formal and stylish look, pinstripes are a good option. These include pants and blazers in pinstriped patterns as well as pinstriped shirts. A pinstriped suit is also good for a business conference. Pair pinstripes with solid colors like white and blue.

Stripes and others
Stripes are not about all or nothing. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing complete stripes, wear them in bits and pieces. That is, add striped elements in solid colors with trims and borders. Striped scarves, clutches, bags or hats are wonderful accessories for clothes without stripes.

Striped boat neck sweaters can be worn with jeans and jackets during winters for staying warm and looking stylish as well. However, avoid wearing striped socks as these can look rather clown-like.

Stripes are the choice for adopting some of the best styles!