Stretching Exercises for the Back

Stretching Exercises for the Back

Daily routine of busy life and heavy work may tighten the muscles of the back and this increases your chance for getting injuries. Actually the tightening of hamstring muscles leads to lower back pain. In order to protect your back from such injuries and to get relief from the aches you can practice some stretching exercises.

Exercises for Lower Back

Squat on the floor with your feet flat and keep your arms in between your legs with your fingers interlocked. Try to keep your hands straight pointing towards the floor. Make sure that your back is straight. Now bend the neck slowly towards the chest and you can feel a stretching on your back.

Sometimes it will be difficult for you to keep the position and you may fall down. In order to avoid this, squat with your back facing to a wall. This may help you to stretch the lower back and at the same time helps to releases the tension from the lower back. It also aids in loosening the hips.

Stand in an upright position and stretch the arms upwards. Then bend down with your arm stretched itself and try to touch the floor with out bending the legs. Remain in that posture for some seconds and come back to the normal position. Continue this exercise for at least 15 times.

Exercise for Middle Back

Remain in a straight posture and keep your hands on the hips. Now slowly twist the torso towards the right and till you get a stretch feeling. Remain in that position for 5 seconds and then regain the normal position. Again rotate the torso to the left side and continue like this. While doing this you can allow your knees to flex slightly. This exercise may help you to strengthen the middle back.

Exercise for spine

Sit down on the floor and keep your knees against the chest. Use your arms to warp around the legs and while doing so maintain your back in straight position. Now slowly rock yourself back and forth with your feet away from the floor. Try to rock in a manageable level otherwise you may fall down. Continue this for three minutes. This may help you to lengthen your spine and at the same time makes your hip open and loose.

Practice these exercises daily and keep your back strong.