Stress Relief With Shiatsu

Stress Relief With Shiatsu Alternative medicine is playing an important role in helping us overcome stress in our daily lives. Shiatsu is one such stress busting technique that is hailed as a method effective in overcoming stress.

What is Shiatsu
Shiatsu originated in Japan. The word Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese. This is a traditional form of massage, which has been improvised in the 20th century with the help of modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

In Oriental philosophy, the condition of our health is determined by the flow of vital universal energy. This energy is known as Ki in Japanese and Chi in Chinese. The harmony in the flow of Ki in our body is the essence of good health. Any obstruction in the flow of Ki is believed to be responsible for ill health. Various styles of Shiatsu are prevalent. Common styles of Shiatsu involve acupressure, general flow of Ki, Five Elements system and the macrobiotic approach. Shiatsu can be used for treating several illnesses including menopause, endometriosis, insomnia, backache, headache, constipation, skin problems and digestive problems. The main function of Shiatsu, however, is stress relief. Stress and anxiety are often responsible for our physical ailments. Curing stress is often the key to good health.

Shiatsu for stress relief
Besides seeking the help of a Shiatsu practitioner to help you overcome anxiety and stress, you can also self-administer Shiatsu for instant stress relief. The point on your forehead between the eyebrows is called the third eye point. According to the Shiatsu stress relief technique, pressing this point could help to alleviate stress. To apply pressure on this point correctly, first place your middle finger on this point. Now place the index finger on your middle finger and press the third eye point for about 5 seconds. Repeat this process for about five to six times.

Another point to reduce stress is located at the center of the back of your neck below the skull. Here you will find an indentation, where you can press your thumb for about five seconds. To reduce stress, repeat this process two to three times.

Nonetheless, the easiest way to get the benefits of Shiatsu stress relief methods would be to buy a Shiatsu pillow or Shiatsu massage chair and enjoy a mechanical Shiatsu massage.