Stress Relief With Fragrance

smell-fresh-grass There is hardly any adult in the world whose life is devoid of stress. However, we cannot afford to allow stress to cripple our mental and physical health. In our endeavor to beat stress, we have tried several stress relieving techniques. Some of these methods, such as meditation, have produced positive results, whereas several other techniques have failed to alleviate stress. Studies have shown that easiest way to beat stress would be to smell certain fragrances. There is enough evidence to show that certain fragrance helps to relax our mind and reduce stress.

Smell fresh grass
A University of Queensland study has found that smelling fresh grass relaxes the mind and makes people cheerful. According to the researchers, the aroma of grass affects parts of the brain known as hippocampus and amygdale. These parts of the brain are associated with memory and emotions. They regulate our reactions to stressful situations. They are also associated with the secretion of corticosteroids or the stress hormones.

Australian scientists have developed a perfume with the fresh grass aroma, whose fragrance, they claim, could help to relief stress. Even if you fail to access this stress relieving perfume, in order to relax your mind during stress, simply walk on a grassy stretch of land or mow your lawn to inhale the fresh fragrance of grass.

Another stress relieving fragrance is the aroma of lavender. Smelling lavender flower or even lavender essential oil can beat your stress. According to a Japanese study, the level of cortisol, the hormone secreted during stress, could be significantly reduced by smelling lavender essential oil.

Rosemary is not only the culinary spice that adds flavor to your food. The aroma of this herb can help to reduce stress. Smelling rosemary essential oil for at least five minutes can alleviate stress.

Sandalwood is considered sacred in India. Sandal paste is an essential part of Hindu rituals. The fragrance of sandal has a soothing effect on our minds. To calm your mind you can smell sandalwood or sandal oil.

You can also calm your mind by smelling lemon. Smelling the oil extracted from lemon rind can help to reduce stress and increase mental alertness.