Stress and Skin Care

stress-and-skin-care The ravages of the sun and pollution, through the day, leave our skin dull and lifeless. The dirt and grime that gets accumulated create havoc on the skin and we are left looking tired. It is about time that we take a serious look at the situation and gear ourselves against the harm. To fight the harmful effect of the sun we need to look after our skin and pamper it. Get rid of the tired look by following a good skin care regimen. Your skin is precious and it deserves all the love and pampering that you can shower on it.

The Signs of Fatigue

Greater amount of Adrenaline hormone and sebaceous oil is secreted from the sebaceous gland due to stress, which leads to pimples, acne and spots.

Deterioration in your health, problems related to blood circulation, dark circles, dullness of the skin, premature aging are all signs of how stressful your schedule is and what effect it is having on your well being.

Stress gives way to acne, rash, dark patches and puffy eyes.

Easy Tips for staying fresh

1. Always wash your face with a mild face wash everyday before going to sleep or before stepping out of the house. Carry wet tissue or face wipes with you so that, in either case, if your face feels dry or oily you can wipe it immediately. This will give you a refreshed feeling instantly.

2. Never forget to apply a sunscreen before stepping into the sun. It is necessary to use a sunscreen even if the day is cloudy.

3. If your skin is oily apply ice on your face after you are through with the cleansing part. This will reduce the chances of acne.

4. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday to keep your system clean and refreshed. This will flush away the toxins and will help you achieve a clean and bright skin.

5. Keep a time of the day reserved for your own self. Indulge yourself in something that you enjoy doing. It could be anything like reading a book, or listening to your favorite music.