Straighten Your Hair With Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment Are you tired of your natural curls, and would like to have voluminous straight mane as your crowning glory? Few women are blessed with natural straight hair. For a large number of women managing the frizzy unruly curls is a real problem. Hair straightening technology can help you to straighten the natural waves in your hair. New hair straightening products, also known as relaxers, can help to straighten hair with least hassles.

Keratin treatment
Most conventional hair straightening techniques use harsh chemicals that damage the hair. Split ends and excessive dryness of hair are serious drawbacks of using standard hair straightening products, which force us to stay away from these relaxers. To reduce hair damage, keratin treatment is often recommended for hair straightening. Keratin treatment is also known as Brazilian keratin treatment or Coppola keratin straightening. Compared to other hair straightening techniques, the biggest advantage of the keratin treatment is its ability to flatten and condition the frizzy hairs at the same time. Before applying the keratin treatment, the hair is washed with a salt free shampoo. With a hair blower, the hair is then dried completely.

A solution prepared with active keratin in then applied on the hair strands. Keratin is a type of protein found in the hair, skin and nails. With 450-degree flat iron, the keratin solution is sealed in the hair. After 3 days, the hair is washed with a salt free shampoo. You get smooth and soft hair, free from frizzes. Keratin treatment is a temporary hair straightening method. Depending on how frequently you shampoo your hair, the effect of the keratin treatment might last for 8 weeks, up to 4 months.

Although, keratin treatment is believed to be a safe hair straightening option, but inept handling of hair blower and hot iron could cause scalp burn. Moreover, the hair straightening solution might contain formaldehyde, a carcinogenic product. It is advisable that pregnant and nursing women should not go for the keratin treatment. Sometimes people going for the treatment might experience mild eye burn and throat ache.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it might take 1 ½ hours up to 4 hours to complete this hair straightening treatment. Keratin treatment might cost between $150 and $600.